Marketing and Maps

Helping Your Business is My Pleasure

Helping you make more money by getting your business ranked higher in search engines like Google and Bing is my goal.

I started building little websites to help my friends grow their local businesses and had great success. 

It was fun to see my friends do better and I enjoyed the challenge of getting the best from Google.

Then it struck me – I remembered seeing Zig Ziglar at an event where gave one of his most famous quotes:

That quote would become my motto; my driving force.

I began learning more and more about how to get websites and Google My Business listings to rank higher in search engines.

I implemented what I learned and the businesses I was helping grew even more.

I finally decided I would take the skills I’ve learned and help local businesses make more money.

It also came to me that I am not just helping a business owner make more money. 

I’m helping that business owner to provide for their family, to employ others who provide for their family.

The business needs materials and supplies, they are provided by other small businesses who are in-turn, able to provide for their families and employees.

It reaches really far.

I would love to help you and your business and all those surrounding and supporting your business.